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Creative, Hot, and Sexy, are only a few words that can describe these pictures of hot Island singer Rihanna and model Kate Moss.

Sometime last year, Rih Rih teased the world with some raw pics from the photo shoot for V magazine with Kate Moss. But now the pictures finally made it to the internet world.

When asked how the shoot came about, while laughing Rihanna said:

“Kate overheard us talking and she said, ‘I want to do it with you!’ Again, I was like, Are you ******* kidding me? I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true all at once: Mario, V, Kate Moss. I was like, This is an amazing threesome!”

Rihanna then talked about her and Kate Moss’s chemistry during the shot, “The concept of playing with each other using masculine and feminine identities evolved organically” She then stated how at the end when both of them had to get naked at the end was the best shot of the whole shoot ! Rihanna laughed and said “Take her top off and put that ***** in my lap!”

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