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Fab ranks “There Is No Competition 2″ as his favorite installment of the series-2:00

I’m two seconds away from walking out of the door…My interview with rapper Fabolous–whose music I’ve adored since junior high school–is at 2:15 and it’s already 2 o’clock. He’ll be fashionably late, I tell myself. Don’t worry!

“He isn’t the nicest person,” a co-worker warned before sharing a story about a less-than-flattering encounter with the “Swag Champ.” Suddenly, the elevator ride from the third floor feels faster than usual. “Are you nervous?,” my cameraman asks. I say no, but in my mind I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been. What if he’s mean? I wonder. He appears so confident when on the screen, am I guilty of obviously mistaking it, when it is actually arrogance? Please don’t let him be a pompous jerk, I prayed. Not when I’ve been a fan since he appeared on Lil Mo’s song “Superwoman.”

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My colleagues tale replayed in my mind as I waited, not-so-patiently, for Fab to walk into the quiet Def Jam conference room. Finally, after several false alarms and courtesy visits from the label publicist, he emerged–finely dressed in a fresh pair of Timbs, black shirt with leather trim and signature dark sunglasses. Fab flashed his chipped tooth as he smiled. A sigh of relief. I greeted him with a hand shake. Not too firm, not too soft. Didn’t want to seem over-anxious or like those journalists who are too good to be fans. I thanked him for the opportunity and he thanked me for providing an outlet to spread his rhetoric (not quite in those words but you know what I mean). Before I knew it, we were knee-deep in dialogue and actually giggling about his first care–a hooptie that didn’t last more than a week– like old friends.

His forthcoming album “Loso’s Way 2” is what he calls “a continuation of my story…”I wanted to make the album sonically fit each other,” he explained.” Kendrick Lamar is one of the latest albums I seen that is very sonically fit. Drake did it with ‘Take Care.’” Anyone who is well versed in Fabolous’ work, is aware that most of his street credit emanates from his mixtapes. While other artists lose their ability to resonate with their audience, Fab’s rise to fame hasn’t hindered his view of Brooklyn or every other hood for that matter. His “There Is No Competition” series is a prime example of Fab staying loyal to his fans by staying loyal to his sound. Whether you are apart of that die-hard F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S group or not, you can’t deny his talent and ability to deliver music they would bump through all sorts of activities from: “riding around and getting it” to making thug love. Which installment is his favorite? “There is no competition two by far,” he says with a pensive stare, like the mere mention of the popular collection brings back deep memories. “Then I would put number one second and the third one last.”

Well played Fab. Well played!

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