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HOV and Beyonce are definitely the model couple, considering that relationships don’t last in the music industry. Before her HBO Documentary known as Life is but A Dream airs, she’s telling the public on Oprah that “she would not be the woman that she is without her husband HOVA being there every night.” Allowing the public to know the two on a more intimate level is what the Documentary encompasses. Despite the track Big Pimpin, Jay-z and Bey maintained an over-the- phone relationship for nearly two years that consisted of in debt conversations which lead to a deep bond between the two. Beyonce cleared up all of the confusion and questioning of how she actually rocked a performance only a few months after having Ivy; saying that “she gained more than 50 pounds” but still rocked the house because that is her life-long job. You-Go Bey. Facts about Beyonce are brought to the forefront on Oprah as the singer speaks on “her miscarriage, owning her own company and being her own manager.”

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