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Fashionista’s and trendy fellas a-like the WAIT is over. The days of  having to surf online or go to New York to find trendy QUALITY clothing at an affordable price are gory thoughts of the past!

Recently, I had the pleasure of going to H&M’s grand opening at King of Prussia Mall. One might immediately say” I thought they already have an H&M at King Of Prussia Mall.” If you are someone who thought the aforementioned statement, you are absolutely correct,  BUT this H&M is not like any other H&M’s in our area. The brand new 2 floor 27,00 square foot shrine of fashionable greatness carries H&M’s ‘trend collection.’ What is that you ask?  H&M USA’s spokesperson Nicole Christie describes the trend collection as H&M’s  high quality brand of clothing that is exclusive to  H&M’s ‘flagship’ stores such as New York and Las Vegas.

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Video By: Bugz Brown

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