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Everyone knows that Beyonce is the epitome of someone who can “blow.” So, her being accused of lip- syncing at Obama’s inauguration is a definite wow-zers. Washington residents claim that before her honoring the president on inauguration day, she was seen on Instagram recording the Star Spangled Banner along with the Marine Corps band players. Pics of Beyonce with a mic in her hand while sheet music were also posted for everyone to see on Instagram. Apparently, a spokesman for the Marine Corps said that Bey confirmed in a statement to pre-record the Star Spangled Banner.

Continuing to be a mystery and head-turner why Bey who has sung live numerous times at awards and concerts couldn’t blow for Washington D.C. has everyone questioning. It doesn’t help any that Kelly Clarkson sung live the day before the Inauguration which made TMZ say that since Bey can actually sing it is confusing that she pre-recorded her performance piece.