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Although Kanye West is now with the beautiful Kim, he hasn’t always been able to pull women with the same star status. Amber was a dancer, and Alexis Phifer was a hair stylist. Not to mention, his past with MTV Production assistant Brooke Crittendon from Harlem Heights who he hooked up with after a concert back in 2004.

Brooke has come back on the scene to speak her mind about her experiences and her feelings towards Amber with Mr. West with the Sun. Whoa.

Juicy and unbelievably shallow secrets revealed about Kanye straight from the source, Brooke Crittendon-THE EX.

According to Brooke, the fashionable Kanye West demands that his women look like royalty 24/7 if they want to remain in his arms. Kim even had to trash her entire wardrobe and begin a new shopping list if she wanted to stay the Ms. West of 2013. That’s isn’t most interesting part of it all, Kanye definitely will bring the Fairy to his chicks tail because being with him is a true “fairytale” especially to an around the way girl.  Brooke says that after works hours, nights with Kanye were truly one of a celebrity when they went to Kanye’s first Grammy awards in 2006. West didn’t walk away with Album of the Year but Bono still told him “how big of a fan he was.” Coming back to a rose-filled hotel suite and an orchestra who were playing the song “It’s Our Anniversary”, Brooke found herself in total bliss. Surely, this is anything compared to West’s chair made entirely from Teddy Bears and ceiling made of cherubs at his NYC residence.

Now, all of this sounds like every girls dream until Brooke talks about the unfaithful side of West. Why Brooke would believe Kanye to be her new boyfriend after a few dates is beyond me, but she did not take Kanye’s constant attention from other women well at all. Despite Kanye being the sophisticated sex fiend that he was, it became too much for Brooke causing frequent fights amongst the couple. All I can say is, at least Kanye informed Brooke about his promiscuity and feelings towards other women. Sheesh. With all the bold statements that escape Kanye’s mouth, you would think that he was the macho man but he is not that. In fact, West was insecure in Brooke’s eyes as he needed constant praise and reassurance from her when they were a part. He’s only human I guess, let’s cut Kanye some slack. Well, Up until one of his performances where he was overly worried when Brooke was no -where to be found. Kanye West delayed the show until he heard from Brooke. Talk about teddy bears, this guy can’t stand to be alone I‘d say.

New York City flavor is absolutely liked by West as the great Jay-z is a huge admirer and role model of his. He and Jay are real close and Kanye takes advice from Jay regarding his relationships, family and even his wardrobe. Brooke unleashed a bunch of scoop on the behind-the-scenes Kanye, but let’s not forget that she is an EX. Not only a Kanye EX, But a 7-year old EX. West could have changed up his living room chair as well as the Rose-pedal strategy to sweep his lady loves off of their feet.