Have you ever wondered what those streaks in the sky are? I used to think that it was exhaust from the planes much like a car has exhaust. But could it be something else?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Those frozen lines across the skies that can enhance a sunset – are they man made contrails from jets, or “chemtrails” deliberately sprayed into the sky by the government and the military?

“The chemtrail activity here in Richmond, Virginia has been extremely, heavy over the last couple of months,” said radio personality and podcaster Sean Anthony, now based in Richmond. The chemtrail phenomenon is one of his hot topics. (

“You can see the zigzags going criss-cross in our skies, which probably cause a lot of questions for most people. It’s not normal.”

So who is behind it?

“That’s a good question,” Anthony said. “According to the research I’ve done, the government and the military have the hand in it. And who else? I’m not sure. The technical term is called geo-engineering . . . weather modification. You know, altering the clouds . …

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