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While promoting his new album, R.E.D., Ne-Yo also mentioned the animated project he’s working on with Cartoon Network. Following in the footsteps of André 3000 and T-Pain, who have had projects with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, respectively, Ne-Yo’s animated series is called I Heart Tuesdays. Ne-Yo is still working on the twin-focused cartoon, but one thing is for certain: It won’t look anything like The Boondocks.

So, you’re into manga and anime?

Absolutely! Yeah, I stay on that. Japan is one of my favorite places to visit. That’s my saving grace now: drawing. I’m actually still in the process of doing some stuff with the Cartoon Network. I’m trying to put together a cartoon that I wrote and developed. It is just taking so damn long and people are dragging their feet, but it will be out soon enough.

What style of art is the cartoon?

It’s definitely not anime because that shit costs money. I didn’t know how expensive it was. You know The Boondocks? They animate that in Korea. It’s like a million dollars per episode. I’m like, “I’m cool. We can get stick figures.”

It’s a story called I Heart Tuesdays.  It’s a story about twins who are direct descendants of two Greek gods that were cursed by Zeus for being really childish and irresponsible.  They have to save the world from some unspoken evil every Tuesday for pretty much the rest of their lives. So, it’s dealing with that on top of dealing with being high school students. The intercom comes on and the dean says, “Hey guys. Due to weather, prom’s going to fall on Tuesday!” Damn!

You can check the full Q&A over at JET.


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