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I’d like to remain “anonymous” but TT I just need some advice!

My friend and I were dating these 2 guys who also happen to be brothers

(which is how she and I came to know each other). I’ve always been there for her and she has been a good friend to me. Me and the guy I was dating eventually broke up and my friend was there for me but I wanted nothing more than for me and him get back and to be together. So since him and his brother do everything together, the only way he would even consider being around me is if I had someone who would entertain his brother, so even though I knew his brother was still dating my friend – I hooked his brother up with this other girl that I was friends with.

This is where things get messy – my ex and I have since reconciled and are expecting our 1st child and my friend and his brother have since married. However, the girl that I previously set my friend’s NOW husband up with – got pregnant by him and she does NOT know that I was the one who put them together. When she finally found out and told me I just played dumb TT, acted just as shocked as she was – I’d seen how hurt she was before after she would find out that he had cheated on her but when she found out that he had actually gotten another woman pregnant it rocked her whole world and i felt bad but never parted my lips to tell her the truth and since she married him anyway even after knowing that i figured there was no point.

TT do i tell her or not? It’s been on my mind and it pains me to see her sometimes but i just don’t know if I should say anything now or just let it be. I mean they’re married now and I’m happy to be back with my ex, does it really matter that she doesn’t know?

Oh MY what do you guys think? This totally reminds me of “The Game” When Tasha Mac hooked Jason Pitts up with Stacy Dash and they Hit it off and She didnt tell Kelly until it was to late!

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