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Lil Wayne’s YMCMB crew (namely Wayne and Drake) haven’t been on the best of terms with Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music crew (namely Ye and Push) for quite some time. Pusha and Wayne have issues going back to Clipse days in 05/06, sprinkle in some shared lovers between Ye and Drake and you just have a mess. HHW got the chance to speak with Pusha yesterday, and he decided to share some insight on the beef and G.O.O.D Music’s “New God Flow” track. Originally thought to be aimed at Drake and Wayne (the latter of whom made a diss right back), Push reveals it was actually inspired by Birdman’s slick talking! And of course whoever else want it (aka, Wayne and Drake…LOL). Check out some of the juiciest excerpts from the interview below!

Marisa Mendez

On not responding to “Ghoulish“:

In all honesty it was that bad to me. “Ghoulish” was that bad to me. I don’t know like your taste particularly. Cause I feel all writers have a dope taste in music. But me personally, I think that s**t was wack and borderline disrespectful. Like, “Exodus” hurt. That Isht hurt man. Like hurt souls. That Isht had the biggest rappers in the game commenting on me immediately the day after. On twitter! Millionaires! Twitter thugging. I had millionaires twitter thugging! That’s why “Ghoulish” is beyond me. I wouldn’t dare. I couldn’t dare. Listen man i was in my bed with my girl. She looked at me and said “no, like…no! This is really bad.” [Laughs] I swear to you she was like “baby no, this can’t be it!” So you know at the end of the day it’s about good rap to me. It’s about good rap to me this s**t ain’t about like being….

On “New God Flow” being a diss:

“New God Flow” was about, in my view, something I read in a Birdman interview that I didn’t like. He said something like “G.O.O.D. Music isn’t nothing” and it had nothing to do with Wayne or Drake per se. That was Birdman saying whatever he wanted to say and that was the basis of where all of my lines came from. Everybody else was on their love of Hip-Hop s**t.

On taking shots in his music:

But you know what? I’m glad people do peep this s**t. I’m just not one to take shots. I’m not one to take a shot like that. Some people are at a level in their career…like ‘Ye is at a level in his career where he shouldn’t even respond. Like he shouldn’t even hear a shot. I don’t know if he hear shots or he even pays attention to it. I’m petty.

HHW: We are talking bout Wayne n Drake now right?

PT: I’m talking about the whole s**t. I hear s**t and I’m petty. If I feel like maybe …. just to remain cordial with Ye and them so on and so forth. I am not one to look past s**t like that. I’m just really not for it and I feel like I have a lot to lose. These guys are major man. And they make good music.

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