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Karlie Redd called into the “Street Disciplez Radio” show where she talked about being one of the reasons “L&HH ATL” was a success since she was the one who put the Stevie J./Joseline/Mimi saga on blast.

She also revealed that she still goes out with Benzino but when it comes to relationships and what you saw on the show, he’s a really good actor.  And she added that she stays away from K. Michelle because she thinks she’s bi-polar and can’t be trusted. Here are the highlights:

On K. Michelle And where they stand:

“You can’t trust people that, you know, kind of like, are psycho 51/50. So I just leave it where it is,but I have no time or tolerance for petty, childish ways. I just keep it pushing and be me. Long as I’m focused on *positivity* and doing me, I  could care less about the rest….Oh yes, she’s definitely crazy. She’s definitely crazy, like bi-polar for sure.”

On dating Benzino: 

“Benzino and I are cool. You know how relationships are; you’re in it one day, you’re out the next, you know. We’re in and out. We see each other, we kick it. We still do our thing from time to time. It depends on what mood I’m in, the day, you know.”

On whether her relationship with Benzino was real:  

“Benzino’s a good actor, put it like that. He’s a good actor. And the award goes to…”

On Benzino’s proposal with a borrowed ring:

“At that point, I knew what it was about. I knew how he is. I started learning, you know. That’s why I said, I basically put him on because if it wasn’t for me, there would be no love on the show for Benzino. He wouldn’t get camera time. So when I said, ‘I put him on’, not that I put him on *The Source*, I put him on to this, I put him on to that, I put him on the show because without meeting me, he wouldn’t get camera time.”

On how she made “L&HH ATL” a success: 

“If I didn’t tell Mimi, the show wouldn’t have got popped off. I was the one that popped it really off. It would have been boring if Mimi didn’t know about what had happened between [Stevie J and Joseline].”

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