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Stephon Marbury‘s wife Tasha is about to become the newest star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”  I guess she needs something to keep her busy while her man is over in China most of the time playing for the Beijing Ducks.

“Basketball Wives” (the original) is finally getting an actual wife.  Since the only two chicks who were actually married during their season–Meeka Claxton and Kenya Bell–are no longer a part of the show, and Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams & Kesha Nichols got the boot as well, it’s time to fill the slots.

VH1 tapped Tasha Marbury because she’s actually married to an ex-NBAer and is already friends with some of the cast. Sources close to the production tell us that Tasha Marbury is in final talks to join the show and Tasha was previously asked to do season 1 of “BB Wives”, except Stephon nixed the idea  but now he lives in China part time playing for the Beijing Ducks and changed his tune.

Fyi, Evelyn still hasn’t been officially signed on for next season!