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Friend to the show, DMX called up TT Torrez and gave yet another open and honest interview where he reveals whether he’s still using drugs, he opens up about his financial situation, how he became a deacon in the church, he talks about all his kids, all his baby mamas and much more.

DMX is known for keeping it real and that’s exactly what he did! Kept it 100!

On his label situation:

X said he’s not happy where he’s at (Seven Arts Music) and his ideal label situation would be independent with major distribution.

On his comeback:

X said a major part of his inspiration for writing is his love for music and the love & energy from his fans.

After X’s VH1 special aired Swizz tweeted he was going to do everything in his power to help X come out with a great album. Did Swizz do everything he said he would do to help?

X said he did reach out but did he do everything he can do? He doesn’t know.

He said he feels like he’s starting from scratch and ALL the money he made from before is gone! He blamed people stealing from him as to how he went broke.

On how he’s making money:

X said he’s “working.” His reality TV shows are generating income for him right now.

On his relationship with his wife, Tashera Simmons:

X said they are not officially divorced but he’s working on getting it finalized. He said they aren’t friends and believes his wife was “acting” as if she was so in love with him when she appeared on the reality TV show, “Couples Therapy.”

On whether he’s in another relationship:

X said he’s in a couple of relationships! LOL

On him being a deacon:

X confirms he’s a deacon at a church in Arizona. He said he’s very excited about being a deacon and he would like for his first sermon to be there but he can’t really go to Arizona. (Y’all know about all his legal trouble out there!)

X said he hopes to save people’s lives with becoming a deacon. He added, “I’m hoping to save many of people’s lives. Not just young people. God’s strongest warriors, he strongest soldiers are the addicts, are the prostitutes, are the n***** locked up. And then if you weren’t special to God, the devil wouldn’t waste his time f****** with you.”

On if he’s still on drugs:

He said he doesn’t do crack cocaine anymore. He has been clean for about 2 years but he still is smoking weed.

On his relationship with his mother:

X said he and his mother are doing good.

On if he forgave his mother:

He said he didn’t need an apology from his mother. X said he just wanted a relationship with his mother and to know that she was there for him.

On how many kids and baby mamas he has:

He has 11 kids! He just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. X said he has 7 different baby mothers. He said his self-defense mechanism: When they start acting up, he shuts down.

On if he wants more children:

X said of course he wants more kids! He said children are a blessing.

On if he has to pay child support:

X said he pays child support for a couple of his kids. He said they know it’s better to just work with him because “that child support sh*t don’t work.”

On who he’s still cool with:

X said he and Eve are still cool. He said he’s still cool with the rest of the Ruff Ryders as well. He said he’s cool with everyone as long as no one did anything grimey to him, he’s cool with them.

You can find DMX’s latest album, Undisputed is on iTunes.

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