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At least once a week I get an email from someone on the subject of “Closure.” They want Closure. They need Closure. They deserve Closure. I AM THE RELATIONSHIPBEAST & I know all things relationship . . . except for Closure. I never understood Closure relationships. I get it in marriage but in dating? Closure in dating is unnecessary. Stop needing it. Move on.  If you don’t want me, then I don’t want you. We are good. Good luck. I’ll be damned if I sit through a conversation about the reasons why you don’t want me.

But as THE RELATIONSHIPBEAST I find it necessary to close this gap in my relationship expertise. I have to provide something to my millions and millions and millions of fans globally and universally who decide that they still need Closure even though I done told them that they don’t need it. (#GoUniversalORGoHome)

So here we go! If you need closure here it is. It is right here forever more. If you had an ex-boyfriend that didn’t give you closure five years ago and you still need it  . . . the following letter will suffice. If you broke up with your 2nd boyfriend today  . . . the following letter will suffice. If you break up with a boyfriend 10 years from tomorrow  . . . the following letter will suffice.

I received this letter from one of my followers. She said that she wanted Closure and he gave it to her. The names and cities have been changed to protect the girls and boys.

I started dating a man 3 months ago that I previously dated in college (some 15 or so years ago). We broke up in college because we were not mature enough or prepared for a serious life-long commitment. We did love each other. Three months ago we reconnected. It was a love story for the ages. He said that he considered me “the one that got away” and spoke strongly of not letting me get away again. Everything was great. We got along and saw each other as often as possible (we live in different cities). We rekindled our flame. We quickly fell in love again. It was like we were never apart.

Then he cheated with an ex. I wanted to work it out because that’s what love does. I wanted to put some work behind my feelings. Finally after a couple of exchanges via text/emails, this was his final response to fixing our relationship:

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