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President Barack Obama has open 17 campaign offices in Virginia. Virginia is now declared a top battleground state in this presidential race. President Obama is taking his message of “an economy built to last from the middle out and not from the top down.” The president believes jobs should be created in America and not outsourced to other countries. He believes that the America people should be healthy and have access to the best healthcare, as well as, pre-existing conditions.

President Obama said during our interview, “we’ve got alot of work to do; we got less than four months in this campaign”. It’s very important that your listeners get out to the polls. Get organized and mobilized.”

President Obama and I talked about grassroots events, voter registration and your vote being your voice in this election. He said, we are confident, if we win Virginia we’re gonna win this election.”

“The central question in this elections is how do we build an economy where ordinary people have a chance to find not just a job but a job that pays a good wage and live a solid middle class life?”

Is the Affordabla Healthcare Act a great idea for the American people? President Obama said simply ” if you have health insurance your insurance is more secure. A patient bill of rights. If you have no insurance each state will help you get it” There is a buy-in where customers can get group rates cheaper and for those who can’t afford it tax credits will be available.

Ladies and Gentlemen, President Barack Obama: