Mr. Sandusky, a  former Penn State University assistant coach is charged with 48 counts of abusing children, a 25,000 fine, and 9 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. If convicted of the 9 involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, he could spend up to 20 years in prison for each count.

Since the trail has started on June 11 four counts against Sandusky has been dropped.  His lawyers argues that they much consider each criminal count individually.  In the closing statement his lawyer disagrees with the “police for repeatedly questioning would-be accusers until they embellished their stories, and lawyers and accusers who he said were after a big payday from civil lawsuits that would be enhanced if Mr. Sandusky is found guilty. Mr. McGettigan later said those assertions collided — that if accusers were so hungry for money, they wouldn’t have had to be coaxed into telling their stories.”

Lead prosecutor Joseph McGettigan III and defense lawyer Joe Amendola also made their final arguments.  The lawyers focused on the victims. Victim Number 2 said he saw Mr. Sandusky assaulting another boy in the locker room shower.

The lawyers also referenced Mr. Sandusky’s interview with NBC’s Bob Costas shortly after he was charged. Highlighting on his halting response when Mr. Costas asked him if he was sexually attracted to boys. Mr. Sandusky repeated the question, paused and then said he enjoyed the company of young people before denying a sexual attraction.”

Judge Cleland also commenting saying “A display of innocent affection is not a crime,” he said.  “Nor does it matter how the child felt, then or now. The issue is what the defendant intended … (if he acted) with the intention to satisfy his own sexual desire.”

Did Sandusky act to please his own sexual desires?

The jury in the case deliberated until about 9:30 p.m. Thursday without reaching a verdict. Will Sandusky walk?


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