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Sherri Shepard is making charges against a Twitter user who tweeted the she needed to be raped on Wednesday.

DaCloneKiller sent Sherri a tweet stating, “somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you.” Shepherd re-tweeted and responded saying, “THIS IS A THREAT & I’M PISSED.”

In other  tweet she writes,

“You think I should be raped in a back alley? Let’s see if the police agree w you & I took a pic of your tweet.

“I am going 2 file a police report 4U threatening me,” she wrote. “And so help me God, when I find out where U live, charges will follow.”

Many tweets and messages after the incident supported Sherri’s decision to pursue legal action against online bullying.  Sources say that Twitter will have to subpoenaed in order to release the harasser’s information.

Later on the evening Sherri tweets, “Just returned from filing a police report for this online harassment nonsense. I will be pursuing this legally.”

You can run but you can’t hide behind your computer!