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Maybe you’ve noticed, but Halle Berry is tired of the paparazzi hounding her and her daughter. Speaking with Access Hollywood, Berry explained her breaking point.

On why they need to change laws about photographing children:

“We are going to figure out what we can do on our local level in Los Angeles to sort of change some laws because it is becoming child exploitation.

On how her own daughter has been violated:

“When I open up all these magazines and I see all these children in them. Nahla was just in a magazine and they said, what does she – and I think Gwen Stefani’s kid – have in common? They were both nose pickers and I thought, ‘You know we are stooping to a new low when we prop up our children and exploit them like this.’ And people can’t wait to open up a magazine and see what 4-year-olds are wearing. There is something wrong, fundamentally wrong, with that.”


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