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Swizz Beatz stopped by Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” morning show to talk about his numerous career ventures, how he knew there was more to life and business than just music, and yes, his wife, Alicia Keys.

Swizz also touched on his disdain of 360 deals and how such a move is only advisable to “new artists” with “nothing to lose,” but with a timetable.

On the Megaupload controversy, “It was a bunch of miscommunication.” He also added that “He wasn’t doing nothing wrong, but the miscommunication part makes it look like everyone is doing something wrong when that isn’t the case.” He added that, “He is the last person who wants to give music away for free. Are you crazy?”

As for New York’s problem to remerge as the dominate region of hip-hop, “We don’t have unity. We’re always trying to be king and have that one spot when there are a lot of spots to be had.”

When it comes to DMX, Eve and their musical comebacks, “All it takes is one hit,” Swizz asserts. He also noted that when it comes to regaining musical relevance, “Eve is hungry.”

Asked about President Obama shouting out Young Jeezy at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, he said, “He caught me off guard.” Asked to elaborate, Swizz explained, ”I was shocked. I thought he was gonna do the Jay or the Kanye right.” He then advised Jeezy to capitalize off it.

Now about his wife, “Her album is crazy. I think she coming in September. I think she’s coming with a single pretty soon.”

Check out the interview in full below here.


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