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Tyrese wants to send you an invitation. Well, sort of. The singer is giving the music-loving world an Open Invitation with his fifth studio album dropping today (November 1st). Juggling his singing career with acting, writing books, rapping, modeling and tweeting, the 32-year old entrepreneur is ready to return to his first love (singing), despite an impressive acting resume that is growing longer by the minute.

“It’s my proudest album to date,” Tyrese says of Open Invitation. “There’s a lot of your favorite artists out here with great singles. I kept that in mind, going into this album. I wanted to put something together that has a flow and energy with one song to next.” According to Tyrese, he’s put together an album that he says will be good company “on a long road trip,” where you can’t do anything else but just listen.

You’ve been very active on Twitter. How has that made a difference in your career?

Twitter for all of us can be a good thing or a bad thing. As positive as Rev Run is, as much as Diddy promotes Ciroc, we’re all here because people want to hear positivity from us. Some people say we tweet too much. If you don’t like something I say, then don’t follow me. I love putting thoughts and feelings and insights on Twitter. To have that many followers, and not put inspiration out there, is a waste.

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And your book is in the same vein, no?

I think all of my tweets set up an interest in my book. Some fans get caught up in the looks and the muscles and the surface and when they follow me on Twitter, they see who I am, and are inspired by the stuff that I tweet.

How would you define your style?

I don’t know, actually. My style changes up a lot. I don’t have one specific style. I wear whatever I’m in the mood to wear.

But your hair never changes.

I mean, it’s really not too much grooming on my side. I just wear a baldhead. I don’t have a lot of facial hair to worry about either. I just love rocking a baldhead.

What’s that like in terms of keeping your baldy up? It doesn’t seem too difficult.

I just cut my own hair, using these clippers called edgers, little gray clippers with a burgundy knob in the front. I cut my hair off, every four or five days. I’ve been cutting my own hair since I was a teenager. I cut my own hair and my face. I’m self-sufficient. All them other cats, they must got big budgets for their own barber, oil and massages. I keep it real simple. Ask MC Hammer, these entourages add up.

So I thought there was more room for error cutting your own hair. Any grooming mistakes?

Um. No. It’s actually way faster for me to cut my hair. They be concerning themselves with hurting me. I be like just give me the clippers. There have been plenty of times, when they’ve hired a barber, and they’ll concern themselves with hurting me, but I’ll just be like ‘just give me the clippers.’ I’ll say, ‘don’t worry, I’m still gonna pay you, but just give me the clippers.’

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