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Track List

1. 1+1

2. I Care

3. I Miss You

4. Best Thing I Never Had

5. Party (Ft. Andre 3000&Kanye West)

6. Rather Die Young

7. Start Over

8. Love On Top

9. Countdown

10. End Of Time

11. I Was Here

12. Run The World (Girls)

Today Beyoncé’s forth album entitled “4” officially hit the stores. Many fans have been anticipating the album from the singer, her last album “I Am … Sasha FIERCE” being released in November of 2008. The album containing 12 tracks offers a much different sound than we’ve heard from the singer in the past. In the Target commercial we hear Beyoncé talk about taking her experiences from around the world and using them in her album and that’s just what she does. Blending a mixture of soul, reggae, rock and pop Beyoncé makes every track unique and creates something new that does not really belonging to any specific musical genre. We got a little taste of this with her single “Run The World (Girls)”. Her sound is one that can’t be compared to any other artist out at the moment . You can tell early in the album that this is not what many expected from the superstar artist.

The album opens with the ballad “1+1” which happens to be my least favorite track of the album.Although “1+1” shows how talented Beyoncé is vocally, the awkward rhythms in the song really throw me off. Many songs on the album are either ballads or mid-tempo songs such as the single “Best I Never Had “. This may be an issue considering that single hasn’t done too well on the Billboard charts in comparison to her past singles. The ‘hit’ song of the album just may be “Party” an upbeat track featuring superstar artists Kanye West and Andre 3000. I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a ‘club banger’ but it’s definitely something that makes you want to move.

Other stand out songs include tracks ‘Love on Top’ and ‘Countdown’. ‘Love on Top’ is a song with great lyrics and several modulations all over a groovy Motown style beat. The track ‘Countdown’ blends merengue and calypso, and is a track that offers a familiar sound for Beyoncé fans.

This album will be hit or miss for many fans. Either fans will appreciate the blending of musical styles and want to listen over and over, or they will hate it and demand that the old Beyoncé return. This album confirms how talented Beyoncé is, it eccentric style just may not be for everybody. Overall I think the album ‘4’ is a 3.5 out of 5.There will be a deluxe version of the album with 6 additional tracks, available at Target.

Recommended Track:Party ft. Andre 3000 & Kanye West

Words by: Jess Snyder

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