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Footage recently surfaced of Big Kap DJ’ing behind The Notorious B.I.G. in 1995 at KMEL’s Summer Jam concert. The extreme heat caused Kap’s records to warp as he was playing them which led to disastrous results.  The situation frustrated Biggie so much that Big threw a bottle of water at him on stage.

In a recent interview with The Fader magazine, Kap remembers the incident fondly.

I’m throwing the records and it’s like, alright, cool we’re going through it. But it’s so hot the heat is actually warping the records. The records is melting! So the records are warping right before me and it’s just like woooommp. And Big looking at me. We had this thing like, every time you make a mistake on stage during the show, you get fined $100. So during the show, Big heard the first womp, and he was like “A hundred dollars!” The record is crumbling up right before my eyes. Then it’s getting bad and [Lil’] Cease is like, “Two hundred dollars!” And then Big, he just stopped everything and was like, “Yo! What the f*ck is going on?!” I’m looking and my records look like a piece of bacon back there. Big is tight! He had a water bottle, he threw the water bottle at me, and just walks off the stage.

But Biggie wasn’t as mad as he seemed.  Kap says the bottle toss was all for show.

So, I go to Big’s room, and I knock on the door. And then he opens the door laughing! And he got a bunch of girls in the room! I’m bashful and I’m like, Yo, I’m sorry, I apologize for all that. He was like, “Man, I knew! I saw those records. I knew it was the sun and all that. But I couldn’t let them think that it was me out there messing up!”

Watch video of the incident below!

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