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Lady Gaga and Beyoncé may have collaborated on two of 2010’s most talked about singles, “Video Phone” and “Telephone,” but the two recently had a falling out.  It seems that now, Lady Gaga and her record label, Interscope, are trying to start a war with Beyoncé being their only target.

Beyoncé is rumored to have called Gaga “tacky” after her appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards, where she entered the ceremony inside of an oversized egg. Gaga reportedly thinks that Beyoncé isn’t talented since she doesn’t write her own songs nor does she play any instruments.

“Lady Gaga doesn’t see Beyonce as an artist – she doesn’t play instruments, she doesn’t write her songs,” an insider tells MediaTakeout. “[In Lady Gaga’s eyes] Beyonce’s just an empty shell… [Lady Gaga] would like fans to know that she’s a real musician and Beyonce is a dancer that has a nice voice.”

Both Gaga and Beyoncé have new albums coming out soon, and Gaga and her record label want to be sure that Gaga comes out on top.  Interscope recently paid for an ad on Twitter that shows up if  you search for “Beyoncé” on the social networking site. The ad reads “Like @Beyonce’s new song? Listen to the original song she samples, @MajorLazer’s #PonDeFloor” and links to the Major Lazer song on iTunes.

This wouldn’t be odd at all if Interscope had anything to do with Beyoncé’s new project, or if they were even the label that released the Major Lazer song. However, Interscope isn’t involved with either project — Beyoncé is signed to Columbia, and Major Lazer is with the independent label Downtown Records.

We reached out to Interscope to ask about why they were pushing the Major Lazer record even though they had no involvement in it and received no response.

Shots fired??

It looks that way to us!

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