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Here are 6 types of men that you should proceed with caution!
The Athlete
These men are ladies men with PLENTY of ladies to choose from.

The Promoter
This guy loves to flirt and party! Watch out if you’re looking for something serious.

The Baby-Daddy
He always have an obligation that comes before you. You must be prepared to deal with that and the “baby mama.”

Mr. Champagne Dreams
This is the guy who always comes up with some idea and if it doesn’t manifest instantly, he moves on. Could be a sign that he’s a runner.
The Guy Who Lives with His Mama
All I can say…STAY AWAY!

The Man without a Degree
Not a total deal breaker but a college drop-out could mean he doesn’t finish what he starts.

These tips were found at Madame Noire

Photo: Getty Images