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Nancy Jones, mother of rapper Jim Jones made a guest appearance on The Breakfast Club yesterday morning after acting a fool on Monday night’s episode of VH1′s Love & Hip Hop. Find out what she had to say about her son’s girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin…

Do you get along with Jim Jones girlfriend Chrissy?

She says sometimes they’re good and then other times they’re not. It’s an up and down thing. If you notice I’m the wicked bitch. I don’t like nobody that dates my son. But you know what? I do give them the benefit of the doubt. I just want to make sure that my baby is cool and good.

Who is them? I thought he had only one?

She clears it up saying Chrissy is his only girlfriend. She says, “When I say ‘them’ I’m talking about even going back in the future because for a moment, even when he was with his baby mama, it was a little kind of feeling there too. Kind of jealous heart but I want the best.”

They been together for a long time, you should be use to her by now.

She says Chrissy is really a beautiful person but she has her flaws. She says they both strong personalities so they clash but she still feels she’ número uno. She says, “I’m the top dog whether or not they like it or not because I am his mama. If it wasn’t for me and he didn’t come out my pum-pum then he wouldn’t be here.”

Well there you have it.

Photo and story via Necole Bitchie

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