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Jim Jones calls into the TT Torrez show to chat about his upcoming album Capo being released April 5th, his recent near death car accident, and he dished about ‘Love & Hip Hop’. Find out if he and Chrissy are getting married on the show…

On getting Prodigy on his upcoming album:

Jim said he has mutual friends with Prodigy and being from New York makes it easier to get in contact with another person from New York. Prodigy had a curfew (before being released from a half-way house) and would come to the studio to record at 7 in the morning.

On his album Capo:

He said he wishes he could have pushed the release date back to promote it a little more. He said politics is the cause of it being released now.

On why Dipset broke up:

He said you know when you have siblings you fight and that’s what happened with them. He said they all reached out and came together. He said they’re working on a Dipset tour.

On getting into car accident:

He said he got into a car accident right on the Virginia state line coming from North Carolina. He said after the accident it made him look at life different. It was a situation he had no control over and it was bizarre. He believes God has angels around him to keep him here because he felt he should have been dead.

On when he and Chrissy is getting married:

He said you have to watch the show.

On if we’ll see anything sexual poppin’ off between him and Chrissy on the show:

He said they’re not doing anything sexual on television. [laughs]

On if he ever slept with Somaya Reese:

He said “Tell your Twitter follower to find the highest building in Virginia and jump”

On how he deals with Chrissy and his mother not getting along:

He said its tough dealing with them not getting along. He said he would like for them to get along but they don’t always see eye to eye. He said it’s tough.

On his reaction when Chrissy proposed to him:

He said he was definitely surprised. It was a whole different thing she started with proposing to him and he tips his hat to her.

On if he thinks Somaya can rap and if Olivia can sing:

[laughs] He said he has no opinion on if Somaya can sing and he’s not trying to interrupt anyone’s hustle. He wishes her the best. He said Olivia can definitely sing.