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A woman in Houston, Texas is in a whirl of trouble! She’s facing felony child enfangerment charges stemming from the police finding her one-year-old daughter DRUNK off of a Four Loko!

According to Houston Police, Lashwanda Allen, 32, claims she was drinking a Four Loko and fell asleep. She says when she woke up she found her one year old holding the empty can stumbling as she tried to walk. Lashwanda’s roommate found her drunk in the complex’s hallway while other residents found her one year daughter DRUNK in the parking lot!

To make this matter worse, when police arrived they found the woman’s 4-month-old hanging upside down on the side of the bed wrapped in a blanket, turning blue!

This is crazy! Ol’ girl was arrested and is being held on a $2,000 bond.

via Media MRS

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