Take the Hart of The City Challenge and win tickets to see Kevin Hart March 19th at the Landmark Theater. Call us and answer one of these questions to get qualified to win. We could ask you any one of these questions so be prepared!

1.) Name 3 movies Kevin Hart starred in.

2.) Name 3 stand-ups Kevin Hart was featured in.

3.) What is Kevin Hart’s twitter name?

4.) Kevin Hart is known for the phrase: “Say it with your _____!” Say it like he says it.

5.) What online retailer has Kevin Hart recently advertised for?

6.) How many children does Kevin Hart have?

7.) What is Kevin Hart’s production company called?

8.) How tall is Kevin Hart?

9.) Where did Kevin Hart take his kids and get into an altercation?

10.) What does Kevin Hart tell men to do to win an argument?

11.) What kind of animal did Kevin Hart get chased by?

12.) In “Seriously Funny,” what did Kevin Hart and his daughter argue over?

13.) Why did Kevin Hart say he could never be a rapper?

14.) In 2010, Kevin Hart appeared in what commercials with Dwyane Wade?

15.) What profession did Kevin Hart say he never wanted his daughter to become?

16.) Where was Kevin Hart born?

17.) Name 3 animals Kevin Hart says he’s scared of.

18.) What kind of man does Kevin Hart say no woman wants? A ____ man.

19.) What did Kevin Hart say to his friends before he cursed his teacher out?

20.) Which of Kevin Hart’s family members got knocked out at the family reunion?

21.) Who did Kevin Hart’s Muslim friend call on for help when he got smacked?

22.) Who is Kevin Hart’s celebrity look-alike?

23.) What does Kevin Hart say he does when he runs out of words in an argument?

24.) What’s holding Kevin Hart back from being tough?

25.) Kevin Hart says he can’t stand a female with a nasty ____ ?

26.) What stand-up did Kevin Hart film himself going to purchase?

27.) What talk shows has Kevin Hart appeared on?

28.) What year did Kevin Hart begin acting?

29.) What basketball player has Kevin Hart imitated? This person also produced the Seriously Funny stand-up.

30.) What two athletes were in the audience of the Seriously Funny taping?

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