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LeBron James And Michael Jordan Sued For $150 Million Each

As confusing as this may sound, Lebron James and Michael Jordan are being sued by Lebron Jordan.

According to, CEO of shoe company Lebron Jordan Inc., Aaron Fraser insists that “Lebron” and “Jordan” happen to be the names of his godsons and he has a right to the moniker that is amidst legal controversy.

When backlash and cease-and-desist letters came at the upstart company, it seemed highly likely that they would fold quietly.

Instead, LJI is suing the Miami Heat star and arguably the greatest basketball player ever for $150 million each citing that the two icons have damaged his brand.

Reps for Nike and Live Nation threatened to sue the shoe company and LJI believes that the negative publicity has injured their business deals. The company Lebron Jordan is financed by revenue from Fraser’s Gotham Dating Partners Inc. and has suffered a loss of customers since the issues with their name arose.

The lawsuit claims that Lebron Jordan Inc has every right to the name since it has not been trademarked.

They also cite that the combination of the first name of the current NBA All-Star and the last name of the Bobcats executive could not be found on Google.

Let’s see if they get away with it.

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