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Check out these tips on how to be a female executive in what’s considered “a man’s world.”

Hard Knowledge

You can’t get away with not knowing “your stuff.” If you don’t know your industry well enough to flex some muscle in the environment you seek to excel in, then you need to a) take courses to strengthen your knowledge base b) possibly enroll or invest in a formal educational process that gives you the necessary training or c) re-evaluate your place in that field. Whether you’re an actor seeking to start a film company, or a woman who’s just interested in rising the ranks of a firm, you must know as much as–if not more–than most. You must be exceptionally well-trained in your field, so much so that those around you can rely on you for questions and strategical advice. In short, you must give yourself a guru makeover, simply by absorbing an exceptional amount of knowledge and skill. Knowledge threatens those who don’t have it though, so read on for number two.

Threat Watch

Once you become knowledgable, and those around you witness your display of skill, you must then prepare to monitor yourself as a threat. Whether it’s the extra hard eye that a jealous somebody might give you, or “accidental sabotages” to your efforts, you must be the thinker that has strategized all outcomes of your actions. Monitor yourself in the eyes of others, and have a game plan for successes and failures.

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