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Sandra Rose is reporting that Amber Rose is making enemies left and right with club promoters across the country.

Word is that Kanye West’s girlfriend is commanding $5,000 a pop to make appearances at nightclubs.

While we admit that she’s a trendsetting fashionista with a body to die for, we’re not sure she’s worth that much. At least not to just show her face. Is she, at the very least, retreating back to her stripper days and putting on a show? If not, why would anyone, but Kanye, pay her $5,000?

However, promoters are onto her gimmicks which usually begin after she secures a down payment. They say, with deposit in hand, she often jacks her rates higher or demands extra plane tickets to fly in her friends. A promoter said the last time Amber was in town, she agreed to make an appearance at his Doraville nightclub but when Amber pulled up outside the club at the appointed hour, she refused to go inside until the promoter paid her more loot.

Another local promoter said Amber was paid a deposit to appear at an Atlanta nightclub this past weekend. But instead of showing up as contractually agreed, she flew to LA to attend an Oscar after party.

Last night, when Amber showed up at another paid gig, the model promptly threw a fit when the promoter told her she wasn’t getting the rest of her money since she didn’t show up for the previous night’s gig. Witnesses said Amber had 3 big bodyguards with her when she approached the promoter screaming, “Where’s my money?” But the promoter stood firm, saying that she owed him an hour and if she didn’t stay for the full hour, she wouldn’t get paid.

We guess Kanye’s ego got too big for him to carry alone, and his girlfriend is picking up the slack.

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