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(SOHH.com) With Grammy night just 24 hours away, OutKast’s Big Boi shared his thoughts on the annual ceremony and likelihood of snagging another piece of gold.

“It feels good to be recognized again for my work,” he said. “At this point in my career, it’s cool just to be nominated. I got seven Grammies in my trophy case at home, so it’s not like I need another one to validate myself or anything. But if I win this year, I’ll happily add to the collection. It’s like collecting comic books. It’s a cool thing to have. I’m just glad people seemed to like the album.” (VIBE)

Although Eminem leads this year’s Grammy Awards with ten nominations, Shady Records artist Royce Da 5’9 recently said Marshall Mathers does not expect to win.

“It’s funny, I just had the conversation with him about it,” Royce said in an interview referring to the upcoming Grammy Awards . “He doesn’t think he’s gonna win anything. He wouldn’t bet me, though. But I think he honestly thinks he’s not gonna win. Which I think is ridiculous — I think he’s gonna win. We’re rooting for him.” (MTV)

Young Money’s Drake recently discussed his award night aspirations.

“To get any type of Grammy accolade or anything, it’s cliche but it’s a dream come true in the literal sense, that thing you have between sleeping and waking up. That time spent I used to think about being on the stage and being able to thank the people that have done so much for me in my life. And I remember the first time I went to the Grammy Awards and I looked at the set up of it at The Kodak Theater and it was like man, this is very similar to the dream I’ve been having since the ‘Degrassi’ days. I’ve been having this dream, I never knew where it was and it never really specified what the award was, but I knew it was a night I could let the people know–the people in my life know–how much they have done with me. To have four opportunities to have that chance is incredible.” (Global Grind)

In addition to artists like Rihanna, B.o.B. and Usher set to perform, tomorrow night’s ceremony will feature Dr. Dre making his return to the stage.

Continuing the annual Grammy Awards tradition of pairing A-list artists for musical collaborations, the Hollywood Reporter has learned that