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MISS Lawrence Washington from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” performed his new track “Closet Freak” for the Bravo aftershow last night with Andy Cohen, RuPaul, and surprise guest Sheree Whitfield.

We’ve got MISS Lawrence’s first tv performance, complete with his leopard one piece and body suit and Arethaesque hat and all his fierceness, plus decide if Nene was wrong for the way she acted on the Miami trip from hell….

I have no words for the getup and the pink Mac lip lacquer and lashes. But at least he sounds better than Kim Zolciak ever will. Peep the vid for the performance and chit chat with Ru Paul and Sheree.

And on the actual “Housewives” episode last night (video above is from last week’s episode), the climactic fight between Kim and Nene popped off on the tour bus. And once they arrived to Kim’s sugar daddy’s friend’s estate, things just got worse.

Nene was still pissy about Kim’s treatment of people and playing the victim role once somebody popped back off on her ass. And Kim was still mad because she thought Nene was acting “scary” and only mad because the trip was not all about her.

Needless to say, Nene’s annoyance spilled over to the home owner as she told him she doesn’t know how he’s friends with Kim. And was slightly disrespectful by keeping the fighting going once inside the home.

But Nene was upset that everyone–really just Sheree and Kim and Kandi–had invited people outside of their group to come for their weekend girls’ trip mainly meant for Cynthia and her bachelorette weekend. So Nene decided to invite HER girl Diana since everybody else had someone. And the arguing just escalated.

The “Watch What Happens Live” aftershow poll showed that 86% or viewers thought NeNe was wrong. What do you think? Did she have every right to be pissy? Or was she just mad she wasn’t the center of attention?

BONUS: Funniest part of last night’s episode was Lawrence’s impression of Kandi. I DIE!!