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Lauryn Hill Has Been Shortchanging Her Fans At Recent Shows

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is the aptly named title of the 1998 debut LP from the former Fugee member that propelled her to win Grammy awards, gain superstardom and obtain fans across the globe.

However, Lauryn seems to be miseducated when it comes to her knowledge of how to treat those fans that paid money to support her sold-out show at Atlanta’s Center Stage last Friday.

The heavily made-up, somewhat clown-faced Lauryn arrived three hours late, just as she did for her tour’s kick-off performance at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, where she stated she was “worth the wait.”

Then she decided to remix her classic music increasing the tempo making it impossible to follow. Mrs. Hill claimed that she was tired of “playing the same music night after night” but strongly encouraged crowd participation.

Someone should have informed the 35-year-old singer what a tour involves and how difficult it may be for patrons to follow a song they have never heard. The audience stood with their arms folded, some booed and most stomped out of the concert area.

Media outlets are labeling Lauryn a narcissist that has lost touch with her supporters.  At The Pageant Concert Nightclub in St. Louis on Sunday, (January 16th) she once again showed up after midnight and announced she would be adding a twist to her music.

She then went on to sing unrecognizable versions of records that cemented her place in the hearts of many.  A performance slated to begin at 9PM went well passed 1AM, causing most audience members to exit before she finished. The 17-date tour is still selling out although the buzz has been more about the antics than the artistry.

However, before a packed crowd in Minneapolis on Tuesday, (January 18th) there was some reports of redemption as Lauryn crooned a tear-jerking rendition of “Ex-Factor” and poured her heart out during covers of Bob Marley’s “Forever Loving Jah” and “Turn Your Lights Down Low.”

This time, showtime was 11PM and she was only an hour late, and even though she begged her band to pick up the pace, the crowd was still able to distinguish most of the music.

Maybe someone is slowly educating the once heralded songstress about concert etiquette or maybe fans that buy tickets should prepare to hear techno revamps and a 3-hour DJ set before the show starts.

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