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Rapper Yo Gotti has been cleared of aggravated riot charges after a brawl outside of a nightclub in South East Memphis in November of 2010.

Police issued arrest warrants for eight men connected with the fight, in which an argument escalated into gunplay, resulting in six people being shot.

Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, appeared at the Criminal Justice Center earlier today (January 19th), where a judge dismissed the charges against the popular rapper.

Police originally claimed that an argument between Yo Gotti and a local rapper named OG Boo Dirty sparked the shooting.

While the charges against Yo Gotti where dismissed, OG Boo Dirty, born Lance N. Taylor, was charged with Inciting to Riot and Aggravated Riot.

“For them to put it out there and run with it, of course it’s a little damaging but like I said, I knew it was all going to come to this,” Yo Gotti told Memphis’ Fox 13.

OG Boo Dirty is charged in serious crimes in other criminal cases as well.

He currently faces two attempted murder charges stemming from two separate incidents in September and one count of aggravated arson for targeting the victims of those crimes.