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If you thought Drake couldn’t get any cornier, be prepared…the rap star calls his backstroke “The Drizzy 3 Stroke.” 


Drake says “I really want to be able to lay you down on your back…look you in the eyes and sh*t.” 

During a recent show in London before performing the hit “What’s My Name?” Drake confessed this to the ladies in the audience:

“We can do it how ever you want, for ever how long you want but I kind of got this thing I always end with….You know I flip you over and you arch your a** up a little bit and I hit you with this thing I call the “Drizzy 3 Stroke.” I grab you right here and I do the three stroke… the last one is crazy I promise. That’s when I lean over and put one question in your ear (The Intro To “What’s My Name” drops)”

Does he really think 3 whole strokes is going to catapult his mediocre sex pumps into an ultra pleasurable experience?–I dont think so Drake.

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