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This past off-season was the most anticipated part of the upcoming season. What team would acquire LeBron James? After months of speculation and an hour long TV show, LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, Miami, Florida. Now teamed up with Dwayne Wade, and previously acquired free agent foward Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat have now become a title contender for the 2010-2011 season. The Miami Heat are a clear cut favorite to win the NBA Championship, but not this year. The Lakers and Celtics are still leaps and bounds ahead of the new looked Miami Heat. The Miami Heat will be the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference, but the Boston Celtics remain as my pick representing the East. Miami’s overall defense will be outstanding but they lack the ability to defend the opposing PG, as well as the pick and roll. There interior defense will have to rely on a team effort. No real post defenders and Haslem is undersized. Also the lack of size concerns me when it comes to rebounding. Offensively, the Heat only have to worry about chemistry. There top 3 offensive players were used to having the ball in their hands to make plays for the team. This will prove as a constant wrench thrown into their gears. Who will ochestrate the offense? Carlos Arroyo nor Mario Chalmers seem to posses the command or leadership enough for this team to operate. The Miami Heat probably have the most talent in the NBA on one team, but we just can’t hand them the trophy. They still have to play all 82 games this season and who knows if and when the injury bug will bite. There are too many questions that the Heat will not be able to answer this season. Miami will win an NBA championship, they just have to wait their turn.

– The Sports Guy