Former Cash Money Records producer Mannie Fresh recently shared his thoughts on Kanye West‘s 2005 Hurricane Katrina remarks being called one of former United States President George W. Bush lowest moments in office.

A New Orleans native, Mannie said Yeezy should still be aware of the repercussions for his emotional remarks.

“If Kanye mess up a lil on his taxes, done!!!,” Mannie said in an interview. “Just a lil bit (laughter), I promise you, [Kanye] betta be on point with everything. Even New Orleans people felt that. We was like, ‘We glad you said that, but d*mn, wow, it’s gonna be [a] price for that one.” (BallerStatus)

OutKast’s Big Boi recently said he felt Bush lied when calling out West.

“Man, everybody knows that’s bullsh*t,” Big Boi said when asked about Bush calling out West for his 2005 remarks. “There were so many other things going on besides him going and taking out the whole Saddam Hussein family, not catching the Taliban, to the gas prices going up to the economy going into the sh*tter. So to say that Kanye West’s comment was his low point, everybody knows that’s some bullsh*t. [Would I apologize if I were Kanye?] F*ck no. I wouldn’t apologize for nothing.” (Hard Knock TV)

In light of the controversy, SOHH recently talked to G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T for his take on the situation.

“Me, I’m Pusha, I don’t give a f*ck about what George W. Bush’s lowest point was, ever. I don’t care what he thinks,” Pusha told SOHH. “And if Ye was his lowest point, then that says a lot about him. The president of the United States of America, I don’t care how he feels emotionally. Listen man, people be getting it f*cked up, man, a lot of what’s said comes from a very honest place and at the end of the day, if anything Ye said made Bush feel some type of way, then you sort of have to look at stuff in its whole perspective. You have to look in the mirror and say, ‘What the f*ck was I doing wrong to make this guy say this and so many people agree with it?'” (SOHH)

A few weeks ago, Bush said he believed Yeezy slandered his image following the New Orleans disaster.

“He called me a racist,” Bush tells reporter Matt Lauer. “And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.” (“Matt Lauer Reports”)

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