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Have you ever bought underwear at Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom? Most of have or knows of someone who has!!

Well, we recently came across this video, and we’re are totally disgusted at the thought that some of the panties we purchased may have been used. In this “Today Show” segment, Secret Filth Exposed, reporters uncovered these shops putting used garments back on the sales floor. And to prove it, they themselves purchased undies from these stores, cut out the tags, peeled out protective pantyliners, stained them with baby oil, and took them back to the store a week later. Not only were they issued refunds, “Today Show” cameras caught employees re-tagging the items and putting them back on the shelves to be resold at all of the above mentioned stores. Gross!

Ladies beware of the lingerie GPS!!

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