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Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy and Dirty Money have shared their reaction to Last Train to Paris out-performing its speculated 65,000 sales projections, moving over 100,000 copies in its first-week.

Speaking via his Diddy Blog video series, Puff made sure to address critics and thank his supporters.

“Y’all already know I deal with a lot of hate and I talk about that but it’s also important to talk about when I’m dealing with a lot of love,” Diddy said in a vlog. “And the love you’ve shown me and the girls on this project, y’all made this project a success and I want to say thank-you. We ain’t have no number one records — we had the Twitter support, we had one of the first albums where Twitter overrode radio, TV, anything else and y’all basically said that y’all heard the album and it’s hot. Definition of the Internet. Word of mouth, being viral, having control of what’s going on. I want to thank y’all for just helping me get to this day, helping [Dirty Money’s Kaleena and Dawn] get to this day. Y’all been riding with us, seeing us grow and evolve, but like right now, Twitter, you guys, everybody that’s in the family, that’s been down from day one, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you — The success of this album is all due to you guys. We’re gonna keep spreading the word, we’re about to go on tour, we’re about to really get this mood cracking.” (Diddy Blog #7)

Diddy and Dirty Money also released a statement discussing their sales success.

“On Monday, the ‘experts’ projected that our ‘Last Train To Paris’ album would move approximately 65k units in its first week. Well, they were wrong. With the help of our fans and the tremendous power of Twitter our debut album skyrocketed to #7 on The Billboard 200 chart scanning more than 100k units. Also this week, our new single, ‘Coming Home‘ broke through to the top ten on iTunes. This is an amazing start for a brand new group and for a debut album. We are so thankful!”- Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna (Diddy-Dirty Money)” (Statement)

The group’s new album managed to sell just over 100,000 records after a week in stores.

Rap mogul Diddy and Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris also premiered this week at No. 7. After one week, the crew’s new compilation album has sold 100,900 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Dirty Money’s Dawn recently talked to SOHH about why fans should cop the LP.

“The biggest reason you should go out and buy this album is because it’s a new movement that people are ready for. Music is changing and Dirty Money is the new movement that everybody wants to get on. That’s the biggest thing. This is a new sound, a new flavor and it’s a new “black”. Everybody wants to be cool, so you need this album. This is what the cool kids are doing. All the cool kids are gonna have the album so you need to follow the leader.” (5 Reasons Why)

Check out Diddy speaking on his album sales below: