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olks are killing 2 birds with one stone this New Year’s Eve.  Party hard with your friends…and get paid to spit a few bars while you’re at it.  According to the NY Post, Jay-Z will count a cool $1 million after performing with Gwyneth Paltrow‘s husband Chris Martin of Coldplay. Actually, the fellas are getting $1 mill each. They’re ringing in the New Year at the brand new Cosmopolitan hotel at its $25 million bash.  And in front of 2,500i00 invited guests of course. Damn.

Both Beyonce and Gwyneth are set to be on hand with their men, but not going to perform themselves.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Vegas, Rihanna struck a deal to cop $250,000 to sing about her umbrella and ask what her name is at Pure at Ceasar’s Palace.

Down in the MIA, Nicki Minaj reportedly got a deal for $75,000 to perform at Mansion.  While her bestie Drake gets more than triple that for his deal to perform at Wall at the W Hotel south Beach.  He’s getting a nice $250,000.

Trey Songz will also be in Miami to celebrate.  And he was reportedly shopping himself for $75,000 to host on South Beach, but ended up taking half to host Lux nightclub.

Still not a bad way to bring in the new year doing what you were gonna do anyway…party.

Via: The YBF