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Yung Berg Claims That Kanye West Is A Thief

Rapper Yung Berg is back in the news again, no not for another chain jacking, but for claiming that Kanye West stole the song “Jesus Walks” from him.

In a interview with Mikey T the Movie Star, Yung Berg claims that the super producer jacked the beat from a demo tape that he created years ago.

“I played Rodney [Jerkins} a lot of my records and the “Jesus Walks” beat is the same song I recorded just maybe the bass is amped up a little bit,” Yung Berg recalled. “I remember when I played [Rodney] the track and he fell asleep to Jesus Walks and they used it.”

Berg also claims that his version of “Jesus walks wasn’t just a hot beat, it had a great flow.

“I was on my Iceberg flow, on some crazy sh*t,” Yung Berg continued. “Like here I am going hard on my demo at 16-years-old and they take it and win a Grammy, congrats because it’s all a part of my story.”


SMH…here we go again.

Check out the video:

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