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Tonight marks the first night Lebron James will return to Cleveland after shattering the heart of an entire city. The Miami Heat head to Cleveland tonight to play the Cavaliers and officials have already prohibited the arena from selling alcoholic beverages. Tonight’s game is anticipated to be one of the most hostile crowds in the history of sports. A city broken by the absence of one man, Lebron James.

This got me thinking, do the fans in Cleveland really have the right to boo Lebron James? If we try and see things from Lebron’s perspective, he gave the Cavs many good years of hard nose basketball, but for some reason he couldn’t reach the pinnacle of success in Cleveland. Fans see it has a stab in the back. They gave Lebron the keys to the Bentley and he drove that thang all the way to South Beach!

Now that James returns to the place he pretty much built himself, will he be booed for 48 mins (the entire game), or will the fans remember Lebron James for what he did for the city and less for what he has taken away? I guess we shall find out…

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