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Master P. is considering legal action against a woman in Tennessee who is using his name and the name of Corey “C-Murder” Miller to promote a bogus organization named the Corey Miller Food Foundation.

State officials are requesting a federal investigation into a woman named Alisa R. Harris, who runs the organization.

Harris, who lives in a boarding house in Memphis, is allegedly operating a series of websites claiming to be affiliated with both Master P. and Corey Miller, who is currently appealing a life sentence for allegedly murdering a 16-year-old in 2002.

The websites also list a number of official state organizations that are allegedly in partnership with Harris, who claims that she hires ex-felons and welfare recipients at $10 an hour.

Her “workers” then use their cell-phones to solicit cash donations for the organization.

“This is crazy, she needs to be stopped,” Master P. told Memphis’ Action News 5.

An Action News 5 investigation revealed that Harris doesn’t have a license to solicit in the state, although her 2009 tax returns list an income of more than $150,000.

Harris’ presentations and her legitimate tax status resulted in a relationship with an official partner of the Tennessee Community Services Agency, who referred workers to her organization.

According to Harris’ own admission, she has hired over 116 ex-felons or welfare recipients for the telephone jobs, through referrals.

“Within 30 days of our relationship with her, things started to pop up that didn’t seem right,” Meredith Hennessy told Action News 5. “We severed our ties with her, and we’ll be working to remove our name from anything that she is affiliated with.”

Master P. was adamant that he never met Harris a day in his life.

“I have never met her,” said Master P. “Don’t know who she is….just to have somebody use your name and don’t even know you, it’s not even fair,” Master P. lamented.

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