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A mother is continuing to speak out on a heinous crime against her daughter; when the disabled teen was kidnapped and gang raped in a Southside Chicago basement.

The victim’s mother, whose identity is being withheld, tells MyFoxChicagothat her 18-year-old daughter actually has the mental capacity of a 4 or 5-year-old and was sexually abused in April.

She described the day her daughter told her about the incident saying,

“You know what she told me? She said that it was ‘a long line, mommy. It was a lot of people, a big, long line.”

The mother also reports  that her daughter was injured, “bruised from head to toe with patches of her hair ripped out” and paramedics had trouble treating her because”She was bleeding so bad and she was ripped so bad.”

She says her daughter was able to give the first names of some of her attackers to police because she heard them talking to one another.

So far three men have been arrested in connection with the crime but police are still looking to arrest at least eight more people.

One of those arrested so far is 17-year-old Phillip Brown whose mother Patricia Couch told MyFoxChicago,

“He didn’t have no sex with her. So many guys were coming through the back yard. I don’t know what they were going down there to do.”

Police say Brown told them he decided against having sex with the victim when he went down into the basement, saw a line of guys waiting for their turn with her and left after becoming impatient.

Another teen, 17-year-old Jacque, was questioned by the police but not charged.

He tells the news organization,

“I went down there. I didn’t see what they were doing, but I knew…I didn’t partake in nothing…I don’t think she was raped because she let them do it. She wasn’t screaming or nothing.”

Philip Brown’s mother Patricia Couch agrees.

“I don’t think they raped her. I think it was her own free will to have sex with them.”

Police found 12 used condoms at the scene.

Check out coverage on this story from MyFoxChicago below.

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