In an Emotional Exclusive interview with TT Torrez former member of Destiny Child and The Newest Cast member of R&B Divas ATL “Latavia Roberson” talks with TT about her battle with alcoholism, life after Destiny Child, Her Love for Beyonce, and why the group REALLY broke up!

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In an Emotional Exclusive interview with TT Torrez former member of Destiny Child and The Newest Cast member of R&B Divas ATL “Latavia Roberson” talks with TT about her battle with alcoholism, life after Destiny Child, Her Love for Beyonce, and why the group REALLY broke up!

On Destiny’s Child…
Me being on Destiny Child was the most amazing thing that has happen to me in my life. There were issues with management and that’s solely what the jest was with everything, it had nothing to do with the girls. As far as my experience that is foolish to me because especially because my experience I have been through with the girls it wasn’t as far as what I did.

On sisterhood with Destiny’s Child…
I tried out for the group. I was 7 going on 8 years old that’s when I met Beyoncé. Then four years later I met Kelly because we were friends through school, Beyoncé was friends with Latoya through school. So they were friends, we were friends, I was friends with Beyoncé and we came together and that’s how that happened. It definitely was real.

On breaking up with Destiny’s Child..
It hurt. It was like a marriage that ended abruptly so that was like pretty awful for me and I’m pretty sure it was awful for the girls as well. But I have seen the girls since then; we see each other it’s been the upmost love and everything like that. Latoya was at my baby shower; she came to the hospital after I gave birth to my daughter. We were kids and we are adults now.

On battling acoholism…
After the group ended and it had nothing to do with Destiny’s Child I did turn to alcohol as far as my substance abuse and I love the simple fact that I’ve been able to be apart of TV One and R&B Divas to be able to express to my followers and my supporters what really went down. It wasn’t that I twisted my head a lot my childhood caught up with me a lot of things that I went through and I tried to self soothe. I must admit I got help and I got down to the reason what it was. A lot of times it isn’t what your eating it’s you. I realized you know what I’m not responsible for a lot of things but then I also had to point the finger back at myself, “You know what you did play a part in this”. Once I was able to confront so many things I’m able to look in the mirror now a days and I love the person I’m turning back to be. I’m in a really good place. That space that I was in; it was in my early 20’s. I worked steps in the program and all of that my sponsor definitely told me “You can go and have a couple of glasses of some wine, you can walk away from the bar. You don’t have a problem. You need to get down to the nitty gritty of what was eating you up.” So I’m an adult. There were years that I didn’t have any alcohol or anything but like I said I have my glasses of wine and everything like that every now and then. I am somebody that is not using that as something. I socially drink. It’s just amazing how you grow from situations like that.

Battling addiction…
When it was happening to me I was not in the public eye. So I got a chance to live and really deal with a camera pin pointed on me. Every single thing I was going through and everything I was dealing with; that has made my experience as that stuff goes a lot better for me and I’m grateful to God that my situation has paved out the way it has.

On reality television…
The reason why I went with reality TV, I always said I always wanted to definitely be able to be somebody to be able to show my truth. And what people will see as far as me on R&B Divas this season is that I’m very veryvery raw. What I’ve been in my life and what I’ve gone through and people try to misconstrue a lot of things but I wanted to be somebody that was very transparent, I’ve been gone for a long time, the people that have supported me I wanted to give them me.

The reason why Destiny Child broke up…
My issues were strictly and solely with management. It was definitelybusiness.

On the industry…
I ask God to bless everybody who I know, that I love, who I dealt with and whom I worked with.

On new endeavors…
I’m the different diva. I’m the diva that is like you know what I’ve been through so much in this music industry and I respect everything that the other ladies are bringing to the table with their recording deals and wanting their record deals. I’m the person behind the scenes and all of that. There is a certain part of the music industry that left a bad taste in my mouth. So I’m the diva trying to figure out do I want to jump back into this crazy music industry? There are so many things I am aspiring to do. I’m a different diva in my own right.

On humanitarian work…
I’m an advocate speaker on breast cancer awareness; my mother is a survivor. We are working on a cookbook a Creole cookbook and all the proceeds will be going to breast cancer awareness. I am working on a pre-me clothing line for young girls. My book, my love letter, I began a lot more of my acting, also, I just started being in touch with a campaign right now “Saving Our Daughters”. It’s a lot of things mothers reaching out to promote great relationships with their daughter because one of the biggest projects I had to do today was giving birth to my daughter.

On supporting past members of Destiny’s Child
Every single project that all of the ladies have been done from Dangerously in Love up until Kelly Rowland up until Latoya Luckett I have supported the ladies so much. I have the upmost love for them we worked for this it was real. Contrary to what people might ever believe I love those girls. Everything they do I promote it as much as I possibly can. I am so proud of every last one of them.

On meeting Debra Antney…
I met her yesterday. We are in some talks about somethings. Everybody needs to keep their ear to the street to see what’s going to happens there. It was wonderful meeting her.

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